Regarding the Tragedy in South Korea


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OM MY GOD! I Can’t wait to read/hear more news since in canada I get the updates later. Keep praying and have faith and hope people.


I’m crying, someone wrote this out;; and this is the lyric from Otsukimi Recital saying “if you believe strongly you’ll meet again” (don’t know if I translated this right but well)

I really hope this happens!!;;


人生很脆弱。珍惜眼前人。用心去愛人。(ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♡
Life is very fragile. Appreciate those around you. Use your heart to love a person. ♡ 

Please Pray For South Korea

National flower, Mugunghwa
Film Photography, South Korea, 2013

Okay what did I just read? How in the world could he and his crew do that? I saw the news and his damn apology means nothing. Nothing at all. There are innocent kids and people in that ship. I may seem very passionate about this and I barely post anything but this accident really sets me off and some of the peoples rude response to it. I am a kpop fan but me doing all of this has nothing to do with being a fan. I may live in canada but I really am heartbroken and I am a damn human being with feelings. I cannot imagine the agony the parents, relatives, friends are going through right now.

Vent: Ferry Disaster


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