dnt be so mean to the captain. maybe he was scared and afraid, and panicked. you need to hear his story too


okay. when i first got this anon message, i did what would be reasonable - i waited an hour so i wouldn’t be as mad because i wanted to give you a fair and mature answer. but i am still just as mad at you.

the captain is 69 years old. he has lived his fair share of life. he left behind kids, babies to so many parentsthat were 16 and 17 years young. without giving a chance to his passengers, he ran for his own life. he left behind babies. kids with young hearts, young souls, young bodies that had yet not experienced the feeling of young adventures and young freedom. they had the world right in front of them. and he took that away from them. for what? 5, 10, 15 years that he might have left? he left 200 kids behind to buy himself 15 years?

William Lewis Herndon (25 October 1813 – 12 September 1857) During a three-day hurricane off the coast of North Carolina, the ship lost power. Herndon arranged for getting some women and children safely off the ship to another vessel. With no way to save the ship, Herndon chose to stay with more than 400 passengers and crew who drowned as the ship sank off Cape Hatteras on September 12.”

Edward John SmithRDRNR (27 January 1850 – 15 April 1912). (…) ten minutes before the final sinking, locked himself inside the ship’s wheelhouse, and died clinging to the ship’s wheel when the wheelhouse windows broke due to the pressure. Smith’s last words were “‘Well boys, you’ve done your duty and done it well. I ask no more of you. I release you. You know the rule of the sea. It’s every man for himself now, and God bless you.”

In most instances the captain of the ship forgoes his own rapid departure of a ship in distress, and concentrates instead on saving other people. It often results in either the death or belated rescue of the captain as the last person on board.

It’s very, very unusual that a captain leaves his ship in a crisis. He has to set an example of courage and moral standing.”

Saving a life, even it it costs him or her its own, is something every captain wishes.

What he should be scared of is families of the lost and missing ones, that will forever have anger and emptyness to blame him for. What he should be afraid of, is the sleepless nights he has ahead himself. Nightmares of him leaving his ship behind him. 

and you know what? i honestly do not give a single fuck about his story. or his version of this accident. because all that rings in my head when i hear his name is a irresponsible, cowardly man with nothing of an ounce of honourability dripping from his wet clothes that he will need to burn to forget the 200 lives he left behind.

what i want is a story in every newspaper tomorrow, telling me that they saved them. they rescued the kids. they’re alive.

and i want to hear, see and witness these kids in 10 years. married with kids and a happy life, or just someone working with what they love or someone that has been able to travel the world or someone that is dedicating his or her life to being a rolemodel for someone. 

i just want these kids to be okay.

he could’ve just atleast saved one life. one boy or one girl. he could’ve just.. made sure that someone was safe. okay. breathing. not scared. meeting its parents and moving on. having a future.

im not asking for much, am i?


Pray For South Korea

'EXO cancelled all their activities in 17-19th April due to the ferry incident' much respect to SM tbh this was the right thing to do


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Fake messages claiming to be ‘survivors’ of Sewol going viral


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"I love you"
"I miss you"
"Hungry? Let’s eat!"
"Will wait for you"
"Sorry I can’t do anything for you"
"Love you, teacher"
"Please come back"
"Stay strong!"
"Do not lose hope"
Please come back, stay strong, don’t lose hope
Please come back, stay strong, don’t lose hope
Please come back, stay strong, don’t lose hope
Please come back, stay strong, don’t lose hope
Please come back, stay strong, don’t lose hope
Please come back, stay strong, don’t lose hope

“Thank God. They are already lifting the ferry. Keep on praying guys! 9 dead, 287 missing, 179 rescued (and counting) so far in South Korea ferry sinking.#PrayForSouthKorea”
(c) ANCALERTS via Best of Korea
More survivors. PLEASE. MORE.

"5y.o girl rescued from ship. she said her brother helped her put on life jacket. as of now, no news frm him & parents"


"Park pushed shocked passengers toward the exit even when the water was up to her chest." Ms Park Ji Young, a 22-year-old crew member of the ferry Sewol, lost her life while struggling to ensure that all passengers on the third and fourth floors of the vessel wore life jackets and found their way out. —
(via  South Korea ferry disaster: Some heroes who risked their lives to save others)
It’s just so sad

There are people out there, no, no. FAMILIES out there. Waiting for an update about their family member in the ferry. They are not having enough rest. They still are trying to raise their hopes up and wait for their love ones who they aren’t sure if they’re still breathing and these are the comments you guys could give? Why dont you try to shut the fuck up for a while. You cant say anything good anyway. 

Come back home guys…

South korea ferry.
Pray for south korea