Poet’s note: Please pray for South Korea and those affected by the shipwreck! I was made known to this tragedy by my friends, and this incident deeply saddens me because many who were on board were children and adolescents who got a chance to go on a cruise ship. I watched the news with my homestay dad and here are the current statistics: - 9 dead- 179 rescued- 290 missingPlease pray for them- please keep them in your prayers and thoughts. We truly need your prayers in this tragic incident. I’m of Korean heritage and it is so sad to watch my home country in sadness and grief.
Thank you so much. Stay strong, everyone.


Had this trip been successful, the kids would be returning home today from the field trip.


This is extremely heart breaking
If the ship has sunk what are the chances to still find survivors ,hasnt water enterd the whole ship ?I keep on praying for a miracle and i hope it happens fast ...


If the pressure on the ship is correct, then whatever air pockets that were previously inside the ship, are still there. It’s kinda like if you hold an empty plastic bottle underwater. If you hold it properly, no water will go into the bottle. But if you tilt it just the right way, under the right amount of water (pressure), the water will start to flood into the bottle. That’s the collapse of an air pocket.
There is no way to say exact chances due to different factors. If there are air pockets, it’s possible many have suffered from hypothermia and passed away. If there is no air, they drowned. If there are still air pockets, some may have lived. There’s really no way at all of telling with this situation, truthfully. There are bodies that were found to have passed just moments before being found so there’s always a chance that we will find survivors if we act soon enough. I refuse to believe in the worst until it is verified.
Time is of the essence.


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